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Honey Kisigari pole dance by quamp Honey Kisigari pole dance by quamp
Made with TechArts 3DCG sp 4 & fanpack.

Diving into the classics once again, I found a hard save of the main heroine of Cutey Honey, Honey Kisigari. She is a magical girl that can change her appearance, and often does. She has two primary forms; this one, and one of her as a sexy redhead in tights. I wish there was a hair mod for her redhead form, but there isn't at this time. :(
This gives a whole new meaning to "Honey flash!" Does it not?
Probably the funniest thing that's related to her was the parody of the theme song that was done by Tetsuya Kakihara, as Simon in Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.
[link] Even funnier was the reference to this in Kannagi, where they go out to a karaoke bar and one of the girls picks the Cutey Honey theme for a guy also played by Kakihara-san.

Cutey Honey created by Naki Go.
rudeboy308 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
"And her breasts are the nicest ones we know of."

I almost wore out my VHS copies of New Cutey Honey. Congrats to you for rendering a woman who can be any fantasy woman you like, but her base form is hot enough. And she even brings her own theme music to dance to. Great work.

As for the Kakihara in-joke, I saw it before now, and YEESH! Bishounen overload!
quamp Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
When I first saw Kannagi, I saw the joke about Cutey Honey and wondered why that song would be chosen. Then when i saw that Kakihara had played the otaku, I laughed my head off.
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