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A Father's Day Present by quamp A Father's Day Present by quamp
Made with TechArts 3DCG sp 4 & fanpack.

What better gift for dad this year than the women that made them fathers in sexy outfits ready for love and eager to please. Unfortunately, Ximenca wasn't too eager to go along with this. She's saying "I'm embarrassed!" in Spanish.

All characters created by *quamp.
Budweiser beer copyright Anheuser–Busch InBev.
Coca-Cola copyright Coca-cola company.
Asahi beer copyright Asahi breweries.
rudeboy308 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
Come on, Ximenca, you're a hot mamacita, get with the program! I've seen the Bud dress before (more so for the one-piece swimsuit), but that's the first time I've seen Asahi (a mighty fine beer, even though Sapporo is still my favorite Japanese beer) or Coca-Cola do a dress. These hot MILFs look quite sexy in these dresses. Maybe Ximenca can represent for a Hispanic soda, like the more exotic flavors for Fanta, or Jarritos, or my favorite from Miami, Ironbeer (like Coke and creme soda rolled into one). They can wear those to bed for some extra special "Oh, Daddy!" time as soon as they drop the kids off at Grandma's or Chuck E. Cheese. (A cousin of mine worked for Chuck E. Cheese for a long time, and from his stories, I conclude that I would rather be dipped in shit and covered with sprinkles than ever have to work there.) A better Father's Day gift than another tie (though my Dad liked ties, since he wore them 5 days a week).
quamp Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012
Outside of 3DCG I haven't seen the coca-cola dress since the mid 1980's. There aren't any mods for any of those other brands that you mention. I think if anything, she'd wear a dress for Salva Vida (Honduras' most popular beer.)
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