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PS do NOT beg me to fav you! I will fave who I want!

Hall of Shame

I or someone else have commissioned the following people and they have not given what was wanted.

1. Nacerima (not on this site)- I commmissioned a picture of Kimiko as Cornelia from Code Geass. Gave me a rather foul picture with some disgusting NC-17 features I do not want. Continues to badger me for the remainder of the payment even though I have repeatedly told her I would not pay unless that problem was corrected.

2. :iconalex0wens: - Paid $20 for three headshots of SAFG characters 12/29/09. Has yet to deliver and is ignoring all my e-mails, notes and posts.

3. :iconxephia: - I requested Kimiko to be drawn back in April 2012. So far, the artist refuses to even acknowledge my request, and has ignored notes and postings on the site.

4. Femolia (not on this site) - does good work, but when I commissioned her, she sent me a crappy picture with the following explanation: "sorry about things, but I got a bit overbooked... so I had my daughter do this. I hope you don't mind." Refuses to do the work herself. $35 down the drain.

5. Brett Ryans (a.k.a. Shoogerbare) according to :iconbeawareartisttheft:, he is notorious for taking people's money and running.

6. :iconcaocbox: - $17.50 down the drain. Paid to have him draw Makoto in a bikini, but he seems to have disappeared from his site, taking all his work with him.

7. :iconf0fiah: - Made a request for a character, but artist deactivated account. If you know where f0fiah is, please let me know.

8. :iconlfcorp: - paid 120 points for a Ryuubi Gentoku from Ikkitousen Ryuubi Gentoku from Shin Koihime Musou crossover in January. She appears to have abandoned her site, as she hasn't updated since then. She is also not responding to notes or comments.
9. :iconnaughty-kittykitty: - according to :iconqueen-soulia:, she deactivated her account and ran off owing her a commission. She paid $40 for this. After a google search, I found she's left several others screwed as well.
10. :iconecchiantonio1495: - 50 points wasted. Requested two bikini girls done. Account deactivated. :(
11. :iconcliffather: - :iconrobaato: ran into him in Atlanta. Full story here:…
12. :icon666zarike: - According to a source that wishes to remain anonymous, he had commissioned this artist to do a Dragonball Z hentai pic. The artist failed to follow the simple directions, or tell the person that he did not do such things.
(Then again, judging by this artist's anatomy, no sane person would want to commission him in the first place.)
13. DriZzMeMbur2 (not on this site): Dude stated he was taking requests. I made one, asking him to draw Zerlyn O'Banion from the Ghost Chasing Girls. Dude drew someone entirely different, then told me this: "I don't think you got the rules of the requests. I decide what I draw and then say you requested it." The rules did not mention this at the time, but thanks to him going back and editing the thing, it does. Refuses to remove my name from the art he did despite several attempts. I have contacted the mods of this site, and asked them to have him remove the name or remove the image.
14. :iconbellum-art: - has been commissioned and not delivered. He is also a notorious art thief and has frequently ran afoul of anti art theft clubs.
15. :iconlibra-w: - according to :iconullamaliztli:, he paid for a comission via his mother's paypal account. Then when his mother found out, she took the money back. He refuses to pay, but still badgers Ullamaliztli for the work. He has ignored repeated requests to resend the payment.
16. :iconpararipi: - according to :icondesiree-u: Prisma-neko a.k.a Pararipi has scammed her out of $270. Prisma-neko has changed her story a few times as well as accounts. story here:…
17. :iconplumine: - full story here: IMPORTANT! Beware of this artist:iconplumine::iconplumine::iconplumine:
Versión en ESPAÑOL más abajo
EDIT: Do not go to this person page just to insult her or telling her to go die. If I had wanted that reaction I would have said it already on my journal  but I didn't. I only wanted to expose the details of this case. Do not turn into an asshole and threaten her.
I never thought I would do a call-out journal in my life but this is beyond ridiculous. So I'll proceed to tell you the story so you can decide if you want to trust this artist or not.
Back in September 2014 I commissioned :iconplumine: for a soft fullbody picture which costed 550 points, as you can see in her journals. I'm going to add the screenshot here just in case the info "magically disapears".
(on the last link I'm telling her if I could ha

Do you commission artists and want to add to this list? Note me!

Who Wins this Wet T-shirt Contest? 

6 deviants said Kureha Tokita (light purple hair)
6 deviants said Chise Tokita (redhead)
6 deviants said Itsuka Tokita (blue haired MILF)
5 deviants said Akeno Tokita (long blonde hair)
1 deviant said Himari Tokita (short blonde hair)

Once again... DO NOT GIVE ME LLAMAS! I DO NOT WANT THEM!! This is a silly placebo designed to take your money. Giving them out a lot only means you follow the herd mentality, much like sheep to the slaughter. I do not mind it if you trade with someone else, but I will not give you one back if you give one to me. If you like my work, fave it.
:iconidontplz::icondollamasplz: :iconanti-llama-club: :iconllamastamp1::iconllamastamp2:

Also... please do NOT ask or beg me to commission you! I am getting very sick of that. It's always some artist that really stinks too. I know there's a stamp somewhere that reads "I commission who I want" but I lost the URL. Anyone know where it is? If you want me to commission you, invite me to look at your page, and then I will decide if I want to commission you or not.

Ikkicon was very nice. The hotel was pretty good, the guests fun (especially Jessica Calvello) and the programs great. If you were there, that was me at Ani-MEH that suggested Kekko Kamen. The theme this time was 009-1. Sadly, most of the artists at Ikkicon were bishi dude artists and weren't interested in drawing sexy babes. :( Still, what I did get turned out pretty well.…

Good news! :iconthe-creative-male: has given me the first monthly feature for 2016. I do thank them very much for this. 

First Feature of 2016:iconquamp: Well he is by far a frequent poster and has some skill with 3D posing. I have seen a large amount of improvement over the course of the last 2 years. Sadly I am at a bit of a loss to actually do a mass progress wheel for anyone except myself not out of ego but I know the exact dates of my own art. 

The bad news: When I came back from Ikkicon, there was a letter in the mail. It was from my employer and read "A security breach in our records has exposed your personal information to a hacker." In checking my credit report, they had a company that I have never worked for listed as my employer. So guess what? My identity has been stolen. This has been a royal nightmare. I've been having to scramble around everywhere and tell everyone my identity has been stolen. I will be slow on responses for a while because of this. 

Edit: More good news! Over the holidays DA held a "Caption this photo" contest. I entered several of them, and won two of them! (That was two more than what I was expecting.)
Full story here: 

DA's Holiday Caption Contest Winners!Here are the much anticipated results of the holiday caption contest! We asked you all to caption our goofiest photographs, and here are the results as chosen by the victims themselves :heart: Thank you so much to everybody who participated by adding captions as well as the deviants who provided us with these wonderfully humorous photographs! :love:
Each winner will receive 1 month core membership or the equivalent 400 Points I'll be noting the winners to ask their preference :aww:
Ag-Cat : "Now you know why is the rum gone."
 brickburner : "Brennen cannot help but yearn for the old days when overly attached girlfriend was just a meme to him"
 PixiesPoopSugar : "what do you mean you can only see him through the camera lens?!"
 Procastinator2000 :
"Patricia had no clue about the hell that would unleash when sh

The Con schedule:

I will be appearing as a fan only at the following cons:
Mini A-kon, Sat March 12, Lewisville, TX. 
A-Kon 2016, June 3-5, 2016/ Dallas Fan Expo, same weekend. I've applied to be a panelist at A-Kon though. 

The ever-popular list of whom I watch:
:iconjessica-prando: :iconace-mat: :iconadammistal: :iconalice-en-rouge: :iconalmeidap: :iconamelie-ami-chan: :iconaniel-ak:  :iconarseniquez: :iconasumoth:  :iconbagelhi: :iconbanzchan: :iconteebreakers: :iconbeaglecakes: :iconbianchina: :iconbigbigtruck: :iconboobtastic: :iconbunnykinsnoda1982: :iconcamiiie: :iconcilvergman: :iconclayscence: :iconcrazycowproductions: :icondarkvanessalust: :icondartbaston: :icondayaja: :icondhutchison: :icondkstudios05: :icondogsupreme: :iconelehoernchen: :iconeridaiho: :icones-jeruk: :iconfelox08: :iconenka2040: :iconframboosi: :iconfredgdperry: :icongac89: :icongarun: :icongeckup::icongxsion: :icongshfav: :icongsora: :icongunneko: :iconhanechan:  :iconheavensrun: :iconhentai-kitty: :iconhuesca000: :iconhypervox: :iconlucky-jj: :iconilolamai: :iconirelys: :iconizka197: :iconjimryu::iconjoaorodrigobaptista: :iconjoouemi: :iconkairithevaleyard: :icondesiree-u: :iconkeisuke-nonohara: :iconkenny4896: :iconkhalitzburg: :iconkitten-bomb: :iconkyoko-masumi: :iconladyvengeanc3: :iconmmgpeve::iconmangasus: :iconmaikodouji: :iconmarcotte: :iconmeganerid: :iconmichaelcrichlow: :iconmilyknight:  :iconmiragie: :iconmortadela: :iconmurasaki-hoshi: :iconmyhilary: :iconnaeneko: :iconneilak20: :iconnermallion: :iconnz13590: :iconoctorockbane: :iconoesalces: :iconoreopunk: :iconparfhelbelia: :iconpablocomics: :iconpervlooker::iconpink-gizzy: :iconpinknekophile: :iconrachelthegreat: :iconrobaato: :iconrobotnicc: :iconrplatt: :iconsageofotherworlds: :iconsakura02: :iconsarukin: :iconrecklessantics: :iconcinn-ransome: :iconsilvair: :iconqueen-soulia: :iconsquinty003: :iconstauche: :iconsweetcheeks12354: :icontempestsreign:  :iconthe-chocoholic-girl: :iconthe-moocat: :iconthehiddensapphire: :icontifa-bells: :icontoddnauck: :icontoraandkyoko::icontransfuse: :iconreal-warner: :iconwarriorz: :iconwspecktrow: :iconsoniamatas: :iconyeehoo: :iconyue-lan: :iconzeldyn:


  • Listening to: The Old 97's: Brown Haired Girl


C. X. Nemec
United States
My dream is to be the world's greatest OEL manga writer.
Of course, that's a lot like being the world's greatest janitor. :(
To that end, I have a webcomic! We try to update it every week! :iconsafg: New webcomic! The Misadventures of the Ghost Chasin' Girls!

Current Residence: Locked away in Suburban Hell
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Personal Quote: It's not just how smart you are; it's also how willing one is to use the intelligence one has.
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